About ME

I have over 20 years experience as an Art Director, Copywriter and Creative Director. I’ve worked at some of Sydney’s best advertising and design agencies and created work for some of Australia’s biggest brands. My ideas have been recognised at all the major international award shows, and I even managed to snag a coveted Cannes Grand Prix back in the day.

Nowadays I consult, with a focus on language-based solutions for brands of all shapes and sizes. And my extensive experience allows me to don a number of different writing caps. Firstly, I love ideas – the bigger the better – so I’m more than comfortable fleshing out campaigns across multiple channels. But I also write film and content scripts, headlines and copy, brand stories and manifestos, branding and tone of voice solutions. I also work closely with strategists, helping to articulate clear and effective positioning statements.

I am also an internationally recognised photographic artist, but that’s another story. If you feel like it, you can explore my work here.

So if you’re an ad agency, a design studio, or a client who could do with some creative input, I’d love to hear from you - drop me a line at roundyc@hotmail.com or give me a buzz on (+61) 0410 66 35 35.


Some of the the clients I’ve created work for.