Football Federation of Australia

The FFA has a 20 year vision for the evolution of the football code in Australia. Working with Hulsbosch, who had developed their new identity, I was briefed to create an idea that enabled them to claim a leadership position by celebrating what makes football unique compared to its competitor codes - Rugby Union, Rugby League and AFL. The insight was clear: none of these games are as global, diverse, widely played, uniting, or atmospheric as football. In short: football has it all

So, I created a simple language structure that highlighted the last three letters, i.e. FOOTBALL. This simple idea opened the way to reposition the code as Australia's top-tier sports brand. 

The FOOTBALL concept has become the overarching master brand idea for all tiers of the game - A-League, W-League, Y-League, National Teams, Member Federations, club and community initiatives. The idea is also used across all their partner channels, including broadcast, PR, media, marketing and specific event channels. and promote the code, both on and off-season, across FFA, PR and specific event channels. 

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